PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !

Why Become a Member?

The PoleSafe federation is a resource of information to help you be the safest and best you can be. We have lots of benefits to becoming a member. With a personalised login each member will have access to some of the industry’s top pole dancers and studio recourses. These will be updated regularly. You can also get discounts on products and enjoy competitions and members only special events. 

Use the PoleSafe logo and let people know that your company or you are trained and safe.

To become a member you must comply to the federation’s application. Once the application and fee has been received which is renewed annually, you will be placed onto the applications board. You will then be given 21 days for anyone to disagree with your membership.

All emails will be checked and if we do receive an email which has a valid reason this will be checked and investigated by our board members.  We feel that a CV is just not enough.
  Submit an application form

Aims of Polesafe

The PoleSafe team is here to help look after all aspects of Pole and to help keep everyone safe. Our main genres will be Pole Dance & Fitness, however we are an all-inclusive federation which is dedicated to helping the industry grow and develop and most importantly, stay safe.

All of our committee members have many years of Pole knowledge and we want to share this with you, our members.

We hope the federation will grow in time to be the voice of the industry and to help develop and educate not only those in the industry but also those outside. We are not here to police people but are here to help you whether you are a studio owner/gym owner/instructor/pole star/product/event or student.