PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !

Committee Members

PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member


Sarah Brown - The Pole Studio 

Sarah is the founder of The Pole Studio, one of the largest pole fitness studios in the UK and the founder of The PoleSafe campaign. She has 20 studios, four of which are full time, in the South East of England and one in South Africa. Between Sarah and her 17 instructors, The Pole Studio teaches over 1000 students on a regular basis and trains instructors from all over the world under the REPS approved Pole Studio instructor training programme.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Vice President

Stacey Snedden – Herts Dance and Fitness 

Stacey has been Pole Dancing for 15 years and practising Aerial for the last 5 years. She is a qualified fitness instructor, Aerial Yoga instructor, Circus Fit and Aerial Hoop instructor and is passionate about Pole & Aerial. Stacey has travelled far and wide judging national and International competitions, including UKPPC, All Wales Championship, Bucks Championships and the Italian Championships. She also runs the Pole Theatre UK competition.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Head of Studios/Instructors

Lorna Walker - Pole Athletes

Lorna Walker is the former Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Champion 2013 and was a World Pole Dance Finalist in London 2014.  Lorna started pole dancing with no previous experience in dance or gymnastics. She started pole over 8 years ago when she realised that she had a passion for dance and acrobatics. During this time Lorna has competed, judged and performed around the world and now also works for Xpole And Xpert Pole Fitness as a Master Trainer, where she teaches other instructors the Xpert programme and certifies/qualifies them to become instructors too. Lorna's School Pole Athletes was established in 2008 and offers alternative forms of fitness to over 100 women every week.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Head of Studios/Instructors

Jo Dandridge - The Fitness Hangout

Jo has been in the Fitness Industry for the last 16 years. She started to dance as a young child, studying many forms of dance including Ballet, Modern, Freestyle, Latin and Ballroom. She loves to fuse different styles of dance onto the pole, using hip hop, Latin, contemporary and many more.  She is an Xpert Master Trainer travelling internationally to certify instructors and also runs Pole Flow workshops around the country.  Jo runs the The Fitness Hangout, a successful Pole and Aerial studio in Surrey.   She is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Advanced Functional Trainer and has taught many other forms of Fitness Classes. She is also a well renowned judge at UK pole competitions including UKAPP, Kent Pole Championships and UKPPC.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Head of Policies

Lisa Hickey

Lisa Started Pole dancing in 2005 as a complete beginner with no previous experience in dance. She gained her pole qualification in 2009 and her school Active Air Fitness (formerly Totally Pole Dancing) was established in 2010. Lisa has since gone on practicing in aerials and holds pole and aerial qualifications including qualifications and training with circus school NECCA. Lisa now runs two successful full time studios in Surrey and South London and the university pole society at Imperial College London. Lisa is a stickler for safety and policies.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Head of Products

Emma Coffey
Emma has been Pole Dancing for 7 years and has competition, performance & club experience as well as 5 years teaching! Emma loves all styles of pole  and has attended a very wide range of masterclasses with pole dancers from all over the world.  Emma organises the annual Lincolnshire Pole Championships, which is approaching its 5th year and guest performs and judges competitions across the UK. Emma teaches a wide range of fitness classes including Pole, Pilates, Boxercise and she is a Kettlebell Specialist trainer.

Head of Legal

Emily Duck
Emily has been pole dancing for four years and qualified as an instructor in 2013. As a resident instructor at Polevocative, Croydon, Emily teaches a range of pole classes and is a qualified yoga teacher. Emily is passionate about pole and yoga, and enjoys developing her expertise in both areas. During the day, Emily works as a solictor specialising in Real Estate Finance.
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Head of Events

Samantha Moyle

Samantha started pole dancing in 2011 and started teaching in 2014. Sammy holds an event for her students to showcase their dancing once a year. She has completed her Xpert pole certification. From January 2018, she will be working for Leah Rose at Chrome Roses, teaching a choreography course. She also works for the Human performance centre running weekly pole classes, focusing on the art of dance and flow. Sammy loves all styles of pole dancing and also likes to incorporate new concepts and techniques as well as more classical styles into her classes and performances. Learning and progression is important to her so she attends as many masterclasses with pole dancers from around the world as she can and regularly volunteers at pole events. Samantha's also works full time in the construction and building industry (health and safety/marketing internal & external account management).

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To join our team you need to be dedicated. The PoleSafe committee is unpaid and may take up time. However you will be helping towards keeping our industry safe and strong.

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Finance and General Purpose Committee - Responsibilities will be dealing with sponsorship, funding, memberships reminders and end of year accounts given to the accountant.

Head of international Affairs - Any international federations are in line with PoleSafe guidelines.