PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !



Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott is an internationally acclaimed and world famous pole dance teacher and performer. She is an XPert Pole Fitness Master Trainer, teaching instructor training all over the world. She also teaches her own workshops for a variety of levels across the UK and abroad. Sarah won Miss Pole Dance UK in 2012 and the Pro Drama category at Pole Theatre UK 2015. Sarah runs her own gym/udio in Taunton, Somerset where she teaches privates, training packages and hosts fitness events. Sarah is passionate about safety

Daniel Rosen

Daniel Rosen has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008. As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. Dan travels extensively, teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly easy-to-understand teaching techniques. Dan has no previous gymnastics, ballet or any kind of dance training and is living proof that you don't have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer.

Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards is the Owner and Director of Spin City Aerial Fitness, one of the largest aerial fitness schools in the UK. A fully qualified fitness instructor, group exercise instructor and personal trainer for over 10 years, Kate specialises in the fitness aspect of aerial training. Kate holds over 30 fitness, pole and aerial qualifications is a level 5 PDC certified instructor and level 3 REP's accredited instructor. Kate now specialises in training other instructors how to teach. She has written nine certified aerial fitness courses accredited internationally with REPs, ACE, SkillsActive, AFAA and the PDC. Alongside her training courses, Kate writes and produces the Spin City Pole Bible and Aerial Hoop Bible - two of the leading education resources available for aerial dancers worldwide.

Pippa Loveridge

Pippa Loveridge has been in the pole industry since 2006 and was awarded as an International Ambassador of the Pole Community while judging the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships in 2014. After qualifying to teach in 2008, Pippa set up Polenastics in her part time. Although she retired from teaching pole in 2015, Polenastics still thrives in Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire. Back in 2009, Pippa competed in the professional category of Pole Divas and after completing a residential sports judging training course, in 2010, she created the Polenastics Championships which she ran with Hollie Smith for 4 years, before passing this legacy to Daniel Rosen who now runs the very popular Heir To The Chrome competition. Pippa was one of the original founders of PoleSafe.

Keem S-Martinez

Keem studied at the national conservatory of dance at Avignon and in the junior ballet the he worked as a professional dancer in a few dance company till he start to do pole dance in 2006 then he started to do competion and he won the french competition of pole dance in 2008 and also in 2014 and the world pole sport and fitness in 2012 now Keem is working as a coach and choreographer

Crystal Gibson

Crystal is a mother, wife, a pole instructor from Los Angeles and is most known for teaching at The Choreography House & S Factor. Crystal has taught pole artistry workshops worldwide, and in countless online videos with Cleo's Rock N Pole as an online instructor. Since 2010 Crystal has been a Principal Dancer in the very popular Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree & SEVEN, a Kelly Yvonne Production. Recently Crystal has made it into "The Academy of Villains: as a pole dance performer under the wings of the world famous "Pharside and Phoenix" (from SYTYCD). Crystal says her biggest pole accomplishments have been in a group setting, while performing for Leigh Ann Reilly’s ‘Pole Show LA” in both L.A. and Las Vegas.
Crystal was preselected into the Pro Division at the California Pole Dance Championships in 2013-2015 always ranking Top 5 and taking home the Miss Congeniality award in 2013. She placed 2nd in the 2013 Pacific Pole Championships. In May 2015 Crystal was nominated for The Representing Award by Pole World News as The Pole and Aerial Community's Most Positive Role Model.  
Crystal got her start in the administration side of the pole world as the founder of Poles on Tour, and International Pole Touring Company. Which lead to her wanting to know more about the industry. Crystal signed up for an intensive training course with the IPSF and became a certified judge for the International Pole Sports Federation and has sat on the panel of some of the most high profile pole competitions in the world, including the International Pole Championships (IPC), Pole Theatre UK, All-Stars Australia, Paragon USA, Pacific Pole Championship, IPAAT and Capital of Texas Aerial Championships (CoTAC).
If you like music festivals you can catch Crystal performing at Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival (2012-2015)

Annie Norris

Annie Norris has been in the pole industry since 2001 before twisty grips and fonjis even existed. She has owned her studio, Pure-Studios since 2005. Annie has been involved in many things pole including being an X-Pole ambassador, featuring in The Pole Dance Dictionary, judging many high acclaimed competitions such as Dance Filthy, Miss Pole Dance and UKPPC. Annie has won the UKPPC Elite title amongst others, while also taking Sponsors Choice and Best Entertainer Awards. In 2018 Annie won Pole Idol of IPC which means she is the only UK competitor in the finals in Brisbane. She is proud to have taught instructors and studio owners across the country and every local studio has had lessons from Annie to increase their knowledge in instructing and running a studio. Annie is well known for her ability to teach different levels of pole from beginners through to elite, making sure each tiny progression is celebrated as an achievement, breaking down moves and combinations to bite size chunks so that every level of pole dancer is able to achieve whilst making sure their progressions and technique are safe. Annie has gained a lot from the pole community the whilst helping to build it over the past 17 years.

Deb Riley

Deb is a pioneer of the UK pole dance scene, whose list of firsts is as long as it is impressive.
Deb refrained from teaching for quite some time as she was very aware of the danger involved and at that time there wasn’t a pole safety mat available anywhere in the world. Eventually she gave up looking and designed her own which she had made and named it Pole O Mat. Safety has ALWAYS been top priority to her!
Deb also choreographed the very first pole routine that was ever performed live on prime time TV on Britain’s Got Talent as backing dancers, it was touch and go whether they were going to let the troupe perform right up till the very last second. 
Starting her pole career as a showgirl, Deb’s signature style focuses on ‘heels and sex’, and as a competitor she won numerous titles including ‘Most entertaining’ for a few years running at Miss Pole Dance UK, as well as Best Tricks in 2009. She received a ‘World Contribution to Pole Dance Award’ at miss pole dance worlds in Jamaica 2009. 
She’s an experienced judge, including judging at the World Pole Dance Championships three times. And since retiring from competition, has focussed on coaching future champions, setting up the British Pole Dance Academy. It is now one of the largest pole studios in the UK, with her students affectionately referred to as ‘Riley’s pole sluts’. Her highly regarded workshops have toured extensively and she’s taught her signature style and tricks to hundreds of instructors and studio owners, and thousands of students over the years.

PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Sam King

Sam King, Mr Pole Fitness 2016, is a full time professional Pole Dance Instructor, Performer, and Choreographer, with 8 Years of Experience of teaching Pole. With no dance, gymnastic, or sporting background, he originally started to give himself a hobby and get him out of his bedroom, with no expectation that hobby would eventually turn into his career.

Sam has performed at many events, private functions, and shows, and has danced in front of names including; Kate Moss, and Simon Cowell, and even appeared alongside Susan Boyle!! He has won a large number of pole titles, including: UKPPC Elite runner up 2017, Mr Pole Fitness UK 2016, IPAAT Ultimate Champion 2015, U.K. national Champion 2015, European Champion 2014, Polenastics Male champion 2014

He prides himself on his experience and talent as a pole instructor; co running his Pole School, Pole Fit London, whilst also teaching workshops around the globe. 
PoleSafe TrainSafe Ltd Committee Member

Leah Rose

Leah Rose is an international instructor, performer and judge

As an XPERT Trainer and pole instructor,  Leah has an insight into all styles of pole. Even though she is known for her slinky fusion Leah understands the importance of safe & effective training and makes sure her students have the knowledge to be able to progress and develop their skills safely. Understanding the mechanics and having strong foundations are at the core of everything Leah teaches and she is thrilled to have been asked to be an ambassador for the Pole Safe Federation.