PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !

Body Synergy


Body synergy offers a fun and professional health and fitness service in Birmingham, catering to a wide range of people looking for a healthier and happier mind and body. Our intentions lie in promoting an active lifestyle, and offering a mechanism for empowerment through engaging in physical activity and exercise.  Body synergy offers an alternative to the conventional gym routine and presents Birmingham with fun and stimulating forms of exercise. We are enthusiastic about the training we do and are captivated by the strength and athleticism required for this beautiful art.  We say, break the mould and break away from the norm, getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be boring!
One of our most popular services is our Pole Fitness classes which we offer across 4 locations in Birmingham.  We offer many fitness based pole classes where we recognise pole as an artistic sport, training tricks, holds and combos.  We also offer Exotic Flow lessons where we explore the more sensual side of pole and floor movement.  Exotic pole is extremely addictive and our classes provide a place where you can open up and find your sexy side in a safe and friendly environment with like-minded women !  Our third pole based class is Lyrical Flow where we learn some really beautiful dance routines.  We aim to develop our lines and elegance and dance artistically covering many basic foundations of contemporary and ballet intertwined with pole technique.    
We offer Aerial Hoop or Lyra lessons alongside all of our pole training which is another super fun way to get fit and meet some awesome people doing so!   Our studio also features a large range of Calisthenic equipment and we specialise in calisthenic conditioning to perfectly supplement our pole and aerial offering.  
Alongside our regular studio timetables our team of 5 qualified instructors teach lots of private lesson each week and we run 2 university pole societies.  Owner and founder Lucille Marshall specialises in contemporary dance and offers coaching for competitions choreography also.