PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !

The Pole Studio Instructor Training

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The Pole Studio was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly to become one of the biggest Pole Fitness schools in the UK, operating over 80 group classes every week. The Pole Studio has a number of full time, dedicated studios as well as classes in various fitness centres across the South East. The Pole Studio also has an international branch in South Africa (SA). The Pole Studio SA is a full time pole studio and has been running successfully since 2010.

The Pole Studio became an internationally accredited training provider in Pole Fitness instructor education in 2011 following the creation of its first Pole Fitness instructor training programme. Now, six years on, The Pole Studio has trained over 250 students on their accredited instructor training courses.

The Pole Studio is the only training provider to concentrate solely on pole ‘fitness’ instructor training. The Pole Studio’s team are passionate about exercise and introducing more people to this exciting and effective form of fitness.

The Pole Studio is proud to offer high standards of customer care, fast response times, a personal service and small group sizes on all accredited training courses. Typical group sizes on accredited courses range from three to seven people.

All of the courses are delivered by experienced and qualified instructor trainers, with at least six years of pole fitness training behind them. The Pole Studio’s instructor trainers hold certifications in beginner to advanced level pole fitness, exercise teaching, assessing and tutoring.

The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programmes have been specifically developed to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills to become competent, safe and unique professionals within the Pole Fitness industry.

The Pole Studio’s team of instructor trainers will support students throughout their instructor training courses and mentorship period. Many instructors that have trained with The Pole Studio have gone on to set up their own successful Pole Fitness classes.

The Pole Studio is endorsed by 
PD Approval

PD Approval has been licensed to run endorsement on behalf of REPs. They offer a fully independent robust quality assurance process from beginning to end and their core role is to ensure quality assured training is available to REPs members, recognisable to learners and employers through a quality kitemark.

Register of Exercise Professionals ‘REPs’
REPs is an independent register which recognises the qualifications of health-enhancing exercise instructors. REPs provides a system of regulation for trainers to ensure that they meet the health and fitness National Occupational Standards.

REPSSA is the South African Public Register for the Fitness Professional, recognised by international bodies ensuring constant up-skilling. REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) is an independent public register which recognises qualifications and expertise. It provides a system of regulation which ensures that exercise professionals meet the health and fitness industry standards. These standards set an international benchmark. REPS provides assurance and confidence that exercise professionals are appropriately qualified. Members are bound by a Code of Ethical Practise and must hold appropriate insurance. To remain on the Register, members must continue to meet their Continual Professional Development (CPD) quota annually.

REPS runs across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E, Canada and USA.

American Council on Exercise
ACE’s mission is to ensure that people have access to well-qualified fitness professionals in America. ACE approved courses ensure a safe, effective and evidence-based approach to physical activity.

Pole Dance Community
The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory and awarding body for the pole dancing industry. The PDC was established in 2009 to help self-regulate the ever growing pole fitness industry.

Pole Safe Federation #polesafe
A collective of industry respected instructors have created the #trainsafe #polesafe #teachsafe campaign. The entire industry needs to work hard to keep itself safe and keep the risk of injuries to students and instructors to the minimum.

South African Pole Sports Federation
The South African Pole Sports Federation was set up specifically to maintain and develop the standards within the Pole Fitness industry in SA. Pole Fitness classes are a reputable form of exercise that can be participated in by all. The SAPSF endeavours to preserve the integrity and professionalism within all of South Africa’s Pole Fitness studios.