PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !
PoleSafe Federation dedicated to keeping the Pole industry SAFE !

Polesafe Trainsafe is dedicated to raising the awareness of teaching and training safely within the Pole Dance and Pole Fitness industry and to develop our industry as a whole

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PoleSafe at PoleCon International - 24/01/2019
Our vice-president Stacey Snedden will be holding a free PoleSafe seminar on Friday 7th June at POLECON International in Denver, Colorado...check out www.poleconvention.com

PoleSafe Seminars - 24/01/2019
Join us on Friday 8th February at Aerial Attic between 9-4pm for a day of seminars including PoleSafe, Spotting, X Pole Clinic and much more! Tickets are at www.poletheatreuk.com

Latest Interview with Sarah Scott - 16/05/2016
Master Pole and Aerial Fitness Trainer Sarah Scott Shares Her Thoughts on the Mainstream Success of Pole Dancing

Sarah Scott is an international pole dancing performer and master pole and aerial fitness trainer. Her numerous accolades include 1st Place at the 2012 Miss Pole Dance UK, and 2nd Place at the 2014 World Pole Dance Doubles. She's also made several, high-profile TV appearances including Sky 1's A League of Their Own, and gained a huge social following.

Sarah recently spoke to HFE (Health and Fitness Education) and explained why pole dancing has become so popular. She said: "Pole dancing is nothing new, but recently it’s become a lot more mainstream as the fitness world is realising it’s a brilliant way of getting people involved who would otherwise be fearful of the gym environment... (it) helps women get another view of their bodies. It’s not just about losing weight, but about being part of a group and having fun. Most importantly of all, it takes the emphasis off the exercise itself and places it onto the mastering of a technique, which is where the enjoyment and commitment come into play."
She went on to explain how pole dancing provides an exciting alternative to regular fitness classes: "The other big advantage pole dancing offers is the sense of support... Normally the same people are going to pole classes every week and if someone gets a move they’ve been struggling with then there’s a big round of applause. That sense of group support is hugely motivating and reassuring."

Sarah also offered some advice for personal trainers looking to get into pole and aerial fitness: "The PT industry can be incredibly competitive, so if possible you really want to carve out your own small niche... The first step is to get certified which they can do through number of providers or gain their qualification with XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness, which is the only provider to offer the QCF... This qualification has really helped to give the industry credibility and raise the overall standard."

Read the full interview on HFE's blog.

About HFE
HFE (Health and Fitness Education) is a leading training provider of personal trainer courses and fitness qualifications. They have recently received an Outstanding Achievement at the ukactive Active training Awards for Best Use of Technology.
The pole industry is being driven by the desire to get that next trick and not by safety and fun. With this shift in student and instructors' desires to move quickly through tricks, skip some 'boring' ones and move to the hardest as quick as possible, the industry is being damaged and safety disregarded. The entire industry needs to all work hard to keep this industry safe and keep the risk of injuries to students and instructors to the minimum. If we don't, it will affect all of us.

Polesafe Trainsafe is a not for profit organisation. We are here for you...to help teachers and students alike to develop and stay safe in their practice.